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Here I provide some exercises that clients have found helpful. It is advised to discuss your needs and the problems that are concerning you at the present moment. 

A walking meditation along the beach.


*Disclaimer * commonsense is important during this exercise. Make sure you are on a SANDY beach that has a clear path in front of you. There is no debris, jellyfish, bluebottles, sea snakes, sharp objects, or anything else that can bite, sting cut or maim you in any way, including and holes/parent/sibling traps.

You need to have bare feet for this exercise. If for some reason walking is difficult or you are unable to do you can modify that exercise?


instead of walking, you can stand, sit or lay down in a position that is comfortable for you. If you are unable to get to the beach you can do this practice in your backyard or in a park. As long as you’re safe. And don’t forget sunscreen, I hat and sunglasses.

 This is an exercise of feeling the energy of the elements around you and how your body respond to different sensations and sounds. It allows you to listen to the world around you without your eyes influencing what you are experiencing.


With bare feet stand in the sand.

Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths to settle yourself.

Feel the sand under your feet. Feel the energy coming from Papatūānuku. Feel how your body responds to her energy. Just stand for a few moments and feel the Earth beneath your feet and Te Ra (the Sun) or Hine Marama (the Moon She is up during the day) shining their light upon you.

Start walking with your eyes closed. How far can you walk with your eyes closed? How much do trust yourself not to fall over not to give them to the temptation of opening your eyes? How much trust you have in your other senses?

As you walk down the beach, what can you hear? How far is the Moana from you? Do you notice it’s getting closer or further away as you walk down the beach with your eyes closed?.

Are you even sure you’re walking in a straight line?

Can you feel Tawhirimatea (God of winds) pushing you along. Think about which direction he is coming from what part of the body do you feel his breath, and can you hear him speaking to you?

Breathe and take in what you are feeling, seeing in your mind's eye, hearing and tasting.


You can pause if you want to and open your eyes and look around to see how far you have travelled and open for you have manage to stay in a straight line. Or has our beautiful Tawhirimatea helped you change direction slightly. Has he sent you closer to Tangaroa, Kiwa, or Poseidon? Can you hear them/him or the Goddess of the Moana.

Listen to the waves what can you hear?

Can you smell anything? Can you taste anything?

Breathe deeply

What do you notice when your eyes are closed and your awake to the elements around you?

And your mind might tell you looking at you. If this bothers you, ask yourself why. Why do we care so much what others think. Breathe.

If you come to stream on your beach take some time to pause. Feel the coolness of the water and your body’s reaction to the sudden change in temperature. Let the water flow through you, first one way and then the other. Spend some time releasing that which you need to let go.

Breathe and feel the vibrations and energy around you. Breathe deeply into every molecule of your body and release on the outgoing breath.

If you are able to go for a swim afterwards do so. If not, that’s okay it’s not a requirement today.

This is an exercise that allows you to use all your senses except your eyes. Don’t worry if can’t go far without opening your eyes as long as you close them again. Like everything it takes practice.


Closing the eyes while walking is sometimes used in rehabilitation to help with balance to stimulate neural plasticity, vestibular and even cerebellar disorders. Walking backwards is also a great mental exercise. Always take care when walking backwards or with your eyes closed.

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