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Changing beliefs

Recently I wrote a piece for an Art therapy course I am doing on what an erroneous belief system looks like and then what I want it to look or what I would want to change it into on. I thought I would share this with you. We always need to remember that everyone is on their own journey. My journey is only mine. We have different understandings of knowledge gifted to us. We all take solace and comfort from different place and choose to believe what resonates the most with us at any time. This is my feelings about Christianity and a patriarchal system and what I believe it has taken away from me.

The Erroneous belief is Christianity and the male dominated society we have come to live in. In the painting Christianity symbolises the dominance of the church and destroys the matriarchal system by spreading fear and punishment into the community by way of the wrath of God. They took away any power women had by turning our goddesses into Demons or the wives of Satan. Women were turned into weak, unholy and dirty creatures who couldn’t be trusted by men. Women were kept uneducated because our brains were so feeble we might explode if we were granted the opportunity to study. The idea of one male god was pushed and most female goddesses were erased. Even the idea of virginity was changed from an unmarried woman to a person who hasn't had sexual intercourse.

It was planned, it was systematic and it was all about gaining power and having control over the masses. In the process they took away any knowledge and power indigenous and matriarchal societies had. They burnt alive and hung women, men, children and their cats for being a midwife or a herbalist or an associate of.

The other side of the painting is of the Goddess and the balance between feminine and masculine. The goddess symbol represents not only witches, but all indigenous cultures have suffered at the hand of Christianity. The 3 cauldrons, the 3 hearts and Stonehenge symbolise the knowledge we have lost but wish to regain. The pillars represent masculine and feminine with the beam representing the connection between the supreme being/force and mother earth. The colors repent the chakras system. This side represents the idea that everyone has the right to live by their own traditional customs, and celebrate the knowledge of the ancestors.

How would I prefer it? I would prefer it if people were able to believe and practice without having to prove themselves and their and their beliefs to governments and Christianity. I would prefer to have the knowledge we have lost and for There to be equal balance and power between masculine and feminine.

It just always annoys me that Christianity and the dominant patriarchal system has done so much damage to women for thousands of years. That makes me especially angry that they deemed the righteous thing to do was to burn innocent men, women, children and their cats at the stake or in buildings. What possible reason could you have for hanging or burning a cat or child. I wonder how far we have actually been set back due to the seduction of power.

It is frustrating that still in 2024 we are having to justify our knowledge and our goddesses to others. It’s frustrating that large corporations have taken our knowledge, especially about plants and herbs, and exploited them for profit and power. While those who hold traditional knowledge are treated like they’re crazy. We are not the crazy ones. Our knowledge has been passed down the generations. Countless hours of study by countless people who have reclaimed the knowledge lost through hard work and dedication to their traditional knowledge and wisdom. In the name of the mother for the health and wellbeing of all who walk upon the earth. Love and equality, understanding we are all connected through time and space.   

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