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In Darkness There is Light

We all have those times when we sit in the darkness. It is different for everyone. In the darkness and the shadows, we can receive our greatest lessons.

We face ourselves in the darkness, and we can see the shadows our mind creates. We are able to discover that the story we’re telling ourselves may not be all that it seems. We can then create a different narrative that allows us to move from the depths of the cave into the chambers, and out to the welcoming arms of the light.

Even in the darkest caves we can find light and life. The journey can be long, and it can be difficult to find but it is there. Whether it is from the rays of Te Ra all the twinkling luminescence from 1000 glow worms, the light will come in the form that it needs to.

However, sometimes we can spend too long in the darkness, thinking that we can’t find a way out. We can be so busy trying to think our way out that we forget to feel our way out. We get lost in the seduction of our minds and caught up, what’ ifs, I should have, and the whys.

Remember every problem and disaster you have faith in your life you have got through it. I can prove it. You’re reading this right now.

May you always find a way out of the darkness and celebrate all aspects of yourself, because all your aspects are a gift of learning.

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