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Te Kore

Te Kore and depression are not the same thing. Many people talk about the void as a place you go when depression is influencing your life. Having a feeling of emptiness or nothingness that invites you to become negatively inactive (whatever that looks like for you) is not the same thing as Te Kore or (The Void). When the void is described as being in a depressive state, they are discussing the feelings and thoughts affecting a person's mental health. A place they are struggling to get out of, a space they would rather not be in because of how it makes them feel and think. The mind has taken over and is telling negative stories about themselves. In this void you can sit for years. This is stagnation.

Te Kore on the other hand is a place of potential. You can create or manifest anything in Te Kore. It is a space of contemplation and creation. It is the beginning of the beginning. It is a space of creating ideas and receiving tohu from your ancestors, your guides, your higher self, the universe or god.

Meditation helps you sit in the stillness of Te Kore. Sitting in Te Kore gives you the opportunity to expand and grow but you have to leave to activate and put your tohu into action. The nothingness of Te Kore gives you space to clear your mind and concentrate on what you need to do. Te Kore is flow

If you're in a void, you can use that time to create the life you want but you need to change your mindset and then leave the feeling of nothingness and allow the space to show you the way out. You cannot continue to sit there and expect your life to change. At some point you have to activate yourself into action. Move from stagnation to flow to an idea to creation and activation.It begins with Te Kore, the void of unlimited potential in which nothing exists. From there comes Te Pō, aeons of darkness and night. Finally, from Te Pō emerges Te Ao, the light and the world.

There is nothingness, chaos and creation. The potential for beginning is unlimited. ‘the realm between non-being and being: that is the realm of potential being.’ Maori Marsden.

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