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Unraveling the Mysteries of the Subconscious Mind

One of my favorite subjects is talking about the subconscious. Subconscious programming could start at birth or as early as conception. Information is planted in our subconscious from what we see, hear, smell, touch, speak and sense. The Subconscious mind stores everything, much of the information is necessary for our health, wellbeing and survival but some information can be negative and detrimental. We need to decipher what is true information about us and what isn't. However, to do this we need to have the experiences and knowledge to filter others comments about us, what has a positive effect and what has along lasting negative impact.

Seeds are planted in the mind they can become weeds, beautiful flowers, or great trees. Toxic and negative messages are more likely to create toxic negative behaviors and actions encouraging weeds to grow. Positive and encouraging messages and experiences are more likely to create positive experiences. How we water and feed or neglect our seeds will depend on how they grow and develop. What we focus on the most is what we grow in our subconscious and what the subconscious will automatically go to. Focusing on the negative will tell the subconscious that is what you are looking for and wanting, because that is what you are feeing it. It is important to understand where you focus your time and energy is what becomes normal, automatic and acceptable.

Positive talk, self-love, positive healthy and encouraging relationships and experiences feed the subconscious the feed to grow flowers and trees. Subconsciously you look for the things that bring happiness and contentment into your life and you learn to cope better with disappointment and misfortune. You still have all the problems life throws at you but your ability to accept is more developed.

An example is toxic relationships. If children are born and raised in a family of violence and neglect where one parent does all the parenting and is the other is never at home, the subconscious starts recognising that as what relationships look like.

When the child grows into a women (for instance) her subconscious can only recognise what it has experienced, what has been nurtured and grown. Her subconscious struggles to recognise a loving kind attentive man and is more likely to entre relationships similar to her childhood relationship experiences. However, with positive messages and experiences with teachers, wider family, friends and their parents, and work colleagues she can reprogram her subconscious. She can pullout the weeds and resow her subconscious growing healthy beautiful flowers and trees by loving herself and finding validation from within.

When we are told we're not good enough we will eventually start believing it. The subconscious starts finding ways to prove itself right. Instead of validating from within we find validation from others. Fear of failure and I am not good enough, block us from seeing or accepting opportunities when they present themselves

We all need to explore our old programming at different times in our life so we can change and evolve. Being genuinely happy takes work, just like carrying sadness takes work. A genuinely happy person does not balm others for their own thinking and experiences . They can look at the problem and see their role in what happened and how they could have change the outcome. They move on from misfortune, finding the lessons in experiences. A genuinely happy person has the ability to find the positive in a situation. Your thoughts have to match how you live your life, the conscious matching the subconscious.

We all have the ability to be genuinely happy, it is a choice you make. Having the courage to follow your passions, be authentically you, doing what make you happy brings in more happiness. You have to choose to be happy and stop standing in your own way. Get Out Of Your Own Way.

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